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Genu Jay Songwriter, Producer, Guitarist

Musically  Born  and  Raised

Richmond Virginia native Genu Jay has been involved in the music scene for nearly 20 years. He was first entered the live music scene at the age of 13 when he would attend Punk shows at the venue Twisters (now Strange Matter) located on the VCU campus. Fascinated by the energy and connection that music brought to all these wayward souls, Genu Jay started conjuring his own musical fantasy. 

He started multiple bands of his own, based on punk ideals. By college Genu Jay's style began to change. As many of his friends and music partners moved away, he began writing solo songs. The advantage to being a solo artist became more realistic as he aged, though he remained a member of various acts for many years. 

Frustrated by impending band drama, he began using different recording platforms. In 2011 released his first self-produced record on bandcamp called Sight Reflections embodying the struggle of a coming of age artist in a city with few remaining contacts. 

He currently experiments with many genres but finds his home in Blues Rock, Folk Punk, and Pop. In 2018 he released his first solo acoustic record on Spotify, compiled from previous year's work. Late Nights & Early Mornings was followed by his first music video around the single "Snake Bite". The various elements in the video foreshadow the story to come.

In addition to writing and producing music Genu Jay also prides himself as a fiction writer. All of his music coincides with his story the GENU Philosophy, which he is currently writing. He intends on bringing the story to the stage and adding it to his live show. The first example of this can be seen in the "Snake Bite" video, where dark shadow figures are sent to follow the main character and influence his life's decisions. The snake is symbolic of life's challenges that "bite" the character in order to teach him a lesson. The gas mask character is the alien profit Genu, who is meant to be the light counterpart to the shadow figures. All of which are characters in the GENU Philosophy. Stay up to date by following all of Genu Jay's media outlets.