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Late Nights & Early Mornings

by Genu Jay

Released 2018
Released 2018
Intimate angst musings in the style of Punk Blues. Content ranging from love to witchcraft, finding identity to metaphysics. Incorporating classic blues motifs into contemporary songwriting, Genu Jay speaks with a raw, longing heart.
Born and raised in Richmond, VA musician Genu Jay has been going to shows for close to 20 years in its ever evolving artistic landscape. Drawing influence from that change as well as from emerging artists and peers, he has found himself as one of those making the noise. Seeing RVAs music scene change from the hardcore punk days of 99 to the amalgam that it is today, gives Genu Jay quite the palate to choose from. His music has it's roots in Hard Blues Rock but doesn't confine itself to just one genre. As a native guitar player most of his arrangements were written to accommodate that style. However his sound began to spread out when he found himself experimenting with home recording software and equipment. What you'll find is a perfect reflection of the amalgam that is RVAs music scene in his music. Satisfying the needy with his classic raw acoustic blues, or rocking out with the power blues rock trio MyWay.

"He's a songwriter. He's a poet. He's a wanderer. He's a philosopher. One thing guitarist Genu Jay is not is the same old, and neither is his music. From gritty blues to folk punk, psychedelic rock to cool jazz, Genu doesn't limit himself to one stylistic corner of the musical world, but prefers instead to intermingle them all into a kaleidoscope of sounds, feelings, tempos and rhythms that are uniquely his own." -Landon Moss, Independent Music Writer, formerly of LivingSocial

"MyWay has a chunky blues-rock sound that cures it's own set of ills." (weekly must see shows column)

All songs written by Genu Jay
Recorded and mixed by Zachary Antonioli
Mastered by Javier Ramos
Cover Photo by Victoria Brayman
Graphic Design by Mags Design